About Greenville Mediation Center  ("GMC")

While serving for over 20 years as in-house claims counsel, I gained a deep appreciation for the tremendous value and benefits of voluntarily resolving conflicts through the mediation process.  Time and again, I witnessed the resolution of lawsuits through mediation that seemed destined for trial and subsequent appeals.  

My positive experience with the mediation process inspired me to open Greenville Mediation Center, where parties in conflict meet face to face in a neutral, comfortable and confidential environment to work toward resolving their disputes.  

I bring over 20 years of conflict resolution experience to the mediation process, having resolved hundreds of real estate title, escrow, insurance coverage and related disputes through direct settlement negotiations, mediation and/or litigation. For a sample list of the type of disputes resolved, please refer to List of Disputes.

And while managing hundreds of multi-state lawsuits, I collaborated with numerous defense counsel on all aspects of pending cases, including defense strategies, discovery, legal issues,  expert witnesses, settlement options and risks of trial. Additional legal experience includes: family law, probate and appellate briefing.   For additional information about my background, education and experience, please refer to Resume.

Mediator's Role: As a neutral third party, I will guide the parties through a strictly confidential process, in which I actively  listen to  each party's concerns and goals, while assisting them in the process of: (1) assessing their respective positions; (2) considering every feasible option to resolve their conflict and (3)  evaluating both the tangible and intangible benefits of settlement.  A settlement is achieved only when parties to the conflict agree to the terms and conditions of the settlement.



Martha G. King is a professional mediator serving Dallas and surrounding areas.